The Toyota Prius is a fabulous vehicle

The 2016 Toyota Prius Hatchback is a unique and beautiful car. Start with the gas mileage. The Prius is a hybrid electric vehicle, meaning that it uses both a conventional internal combustion engine and an electric power system. The full hybrid system derives its power in part from the battery, and in this way gas mileage is improved tremendously, with no loss of power. The Prius delivers mileage of better than 50 miles per gallon of gas. The Prius can run on the engine alone, or the battery alone, but usually combines the two. In this way the phenomenal gas mileage numbers are achieved.

Toyota Didn’t Cut Any Corners
Well No sacrifice was made in the development of the Prius. It is a comfortable and very attractive vehicle, which provides great utility in the hatchback design. It is a mid-sized vehicle, but seating inside is superb. It seats five very comfortably, but still leaves room for luggage. The front bucket seats are perfect for driver and passenger, and the roomy rear seat suits the travelers well, whether children or adults. Toyota stresses efficiency in design of the Prius, and that describes it well.

50 Plus Miles to the Gallon
The maker under estimates the gas mileage from the Prius in its advertising. It shows mileage at 43 MPG highway and 39 city. This understates. Anyone who has drive a Prius has seen the mileage top 50 MPG. That comes from the hybrid model’s efficient use of battery power when idling and not accelerating. When accelerating, propulsion relies largely on the gas powered engine and mileage will drop, but when the car is back on battery, the mileage skyrockets again. It is truly a marvel of automotive engineering.

It Looks as Pretty as it Runs

The Prius is also beautiful to behold. It comes in shades of red, white, gray, blue, and brown. The hatchback comes in both two door and four door models. Standard wheels are 15 inch alloy wheels with two tone wheel covers and 195/65R15 tires. The Touring model comes with 17 inch wheels and 215/45R17 tires. The outside door handles are color-keyed too, and that is standard on all Prius vehicles. Headlights have the auto off feature, and daytime running lights are also provided. Fog lights and accent lights are standard on the Touring model.

What it Costs to Own a Prius Costs
Prius pricing is comparable to most new cars, and as with all new cars, car dealerships push various price promotions. The Prius starts at around $24,000 and can rise to upwards of $30,000 with options. Leasing is available, too, and lease prices are advertised at as low as $149 per month for the typical three year, 36,000 mile lease. 12,000 miles per year may or may not be enough for you, but you might get a lease with no money down.

Many Reasons to Own a Prius
The Prius is really a great car for many reasons. Gas mileage jumps out because the Prius mileage is unheard of, and when gas prices are high, that holds special appeal. It is a comfortable and attractive car, too, and nearly approaches luxury quality in that regard. It is affordable and sensible, and many people agree since Toyota has sold more than 9 million Prius vehicles since 1997. What are you waiting for? Stop by the Prius dealership and see for yourself.