The Process Of Getting A New Car Key

If you have lost your car key, you may have no choice other than to call a locksmith. The good news it that depending on the type of key you have, it may be possible to have it replaced in minutes and for only a few dollars.

What Type of Key Do You Have?

For those who have an older key that doesn’t have a chip in it, it may be possible to have a new one cut in a few minutes no matter what type of car you have. This is because most older keys are cut from a similar mold without the need for any special programming. However, if you have a key that has a chip in it, you will need to have it cut from a blank mold specific to that make and model as well as have it programmed.

Do You Have Your Original Key?

Getting a new key when you have the original or at least another working copy is much easier than when starting from scratch. For keys that have chips inside of them, they can generally be programmed just by having them in close proximity to the key that is already up and working. In such a scenario, you can save several hours of time and hundreds of dollars in labor costs.

What If You Don’t Have a Functioning Key?

If you don’t have a functioning key and it has a chip, you will need a locksmith to cut the key for you from scratch. Cutting a new key from a blank mold may take up to two hours, which means you may need to call into work or get your babysitter to stay with the kids for a little longer. Fortunately, some locksmiths will come to you, which means the new key may be started while you are at work or school and finished before you are ready to go.

How Many Copies Can I Get at One Time?

You can get as many copies of your key at one time as you need. In fact, it may be a good idea to get two or more spares made at the same time just in case you lose another one. It may also be worthwhile to get a spare made for your kids or anyone else who may have access to the car.

Losing a car key is never a fun experience. However, getting a new one is easy if you know where to turn. A professional locksmith can have a new key for you in a timely manner, which means you don’t have to cancel your plans or worry about never using your car again because you can’t start it. More information can be found at Lock-Up Services Inc, which provides additional resources.