How to Hide Money Before a Divorce and Not Get Caught

Are you thinking of divorce? You may be wondering what is going to happen to your joint bank account, other investments you have together, and your mutual assets. You may even be thinking of ways to hide some of your money before you contact a family lawyer to start the divorce process.

We have some tips that can help you decide whether this is the path you would like to go down or not. Please use caution if you decide to use any of these methods as your spouse can find out, only making things worse for you in the long run.

Below are the six ways on how to hide money before a divorce:

1. Rent a safety deposit box at your bank

Yes, safety deposit boxes at banks are still a thing. They are also a great way to hide money and other valuables before a divorce. All you need to do is visit your bank and ask to start renting one. Of course, you will also need to find a way to pay for this that doesn’t show up in your joint bank account or credit card statements.

You will also need to find a safe place to store the key. This is a great option to hide money before a divorce because it affords tons of privacy. Not even the workers at the bank are allowed to know the contents of your safety deposit box.

Remember that with this option, the cash inside is not insured, nor is it earning interest. This is a risk you will have to take if you decide to go this route to hide money and other valuables from your spouse.

2. Open a new bank account

Opening a new bank account is a common way on how to hide money before a divorce. If you would rather stash money in a bank account, open an account that is just for you. Do this at a new bank where you don’t already do your banking. Online accounts work well too. Just make sure that you advise the bank to correspond with you by email or phone (if possible) and not to send any mail to your address.

Conversely, you can list your address at a trusted friend or family member’s house if you are nervous about your mail ending up in your spouse’s hands. Another word of caution: Don’t transfer your money from your joint account to your new account. This will give up your secret account almost instantly as there will be a record for your spouse to see in your joint account.

A smarter option is to take cash out of your joint account and deposit it into your new account. If you are going to be taking this route, make sure you only withdraw a small amount at one time so that you don’t arouse suspicion. If you decide to go ahead with this you will want to give yourself a year or more so that you’re able to accumulate a substantial amount.

3. Get cash back

This method of hiding money before a divorce is very popular, since it is one of the least likely to be detected. Whenever you go to the grocery store, pharmacy, or any other store that allows for cash back, use this option to take out $20 or $40. This method will take some time too, but the great part is that it will just show up on your banking statement as a grocery or pharmacy purchase.

Pro tip: Make sure to get rid of the receipt as soon as possible as it will indicate that you took cash out.

4. Get a new credit card

Most likely, you have joint credit cards with your spouse. If you are planning to hide money from them before a divorce, it’s also wise to get a new credit card that is only in your name. Again, it’s best to go to a new bank or online bank that you don’t currently share with your spouse.

Remember that the credit card company will send mail. Opt for online statements and consider giving your address as a trusted friend or family member’s just in case you do get mail from them.

Even if you are not planning a divorce, it’s always wise to have your own credit card and establish credit in your own name. In the event that you do break-up, it will be much easier to re-establish your life.

5. Purchase prepaid credit cards

When you purchase a prepaid credit card at a pharmacy or gas station, the transaction on your bank account will show up as the store that you purchased it from. This means the purchase will look like every other purchase and won’t raise any red flags.

Slowly purchase these, or use your new credit card to purchase them, and save them for when you need them. You can even store them in your safety deposit box.

6. Purchase gift cards

Another thing you can stock up on are gift cards. Again, these will look like any other pharmacy or gas station purchase. You can get them for a variety of different stores and save them up for when you need to use them. Remember to discard all of the receipts and you’re good to go.

Whether you decide to hide money from your spouse before your divorce or not, at least now you know some of the common ways this is done. You can also look out for your spouse doing any of these things.