Signs That You Need New Starter Motors

If your car won’t start, it could be that you have a bad starter. While you may be inclined to take the car into a professional for diagnostics, you may be able to solve the problem yourself. Even if you can’t fix the issue on your own, you may be able to save money on a new starter by buying your auto parts online.

How Do You Know the Starter Isn’t Working?

One sign that the starter may be bad is that you turn the key and the car cranks. However, the car will sputter, turn too slowly to engage the motor or won’t make any noise at all. This could be the result of a worn or damaged solenoid that may need to be replaced. Corroded or loose starter connections could also be the reason why your car won’t start.

Determining If There Is a Loose Connection

If the connection is merely loose, you should hear a buzzing or whirring sound. This means that there is still current flowing to the starter, but there is not enough current to successfully get it to engage with other components such as the flywheel or plunger. If you hear a click or a whirring sound, the issue is likely to be mechanical in nature, which means that you need an entire starter or that the issue could be a problem with the battery or engine itself.

A Bad Battery Could Wear Out Your Starter Motor

Cars that have a bad battery or alternator could contribute to your starter motor wearing out. When one electrical component isn’t working properly, it may force others to overcompensate or otherwise work in ways other than how they were designed. To determine if your starter motor is the problem as opposed to your battery or alternator, it may be a good idea to check the battery and alternator with a voltmeter.

Starters Go Even With Good Maintenance

At some point, your starter is going to burn out or become too worn to start the car even under the best of circumstances. The good news is that a new starter or just the motor could cost you $100 or less when you buy through an online auto parts Canada store. Make sure to consult the owners manual before replacing parts in your car as a poor installation or using the wrong part could cause further damage to your vehicle.

If your car won’t start or you aren’t getting a lot of power to the battery, it may be that your starter motor is going. To confirm the issue, take the car to a professional as knowing what the problem is right away may prevent you from spending time and money on parts that you don’t need.

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