How to Hide Money Before a Divorce

Relationships are a natural part of our lives. Over the course of our journeys, we come across partners that we want to be with. The earliest stages of the relationship are when we are at our happiest, and this can blossom into a potential marriage. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always manifest in the way we want it to.

Marriages can often end in catastrophic ways. Areas that we choose to share with our partner, such as money, can be the basis of terrible arguments. As such, it may even be discussed in legal proceedings before a divorce.

If you are trying to stash away your share of cash before this breaking point, keep in mind the following tips on how to hide money before a divorce:

1. Look for Signs of Divorce

Of course, it is stressed that everyone in a marriage should come to a mutual understanding. If this cannot be reached, it is time to consider getting a divorce. Before making the first move, you’ll need factual evidence of how your partner is potentially abusing shared finances. This can come about in several ways.

For starters, if bank statements are no longer being delivered to your home, you may begin to feel suspicious. Also, if there is a shared bank account, funds may sometimes start to decrease more than they should. A private investigator can help you look for signs and clues. Their investigation should provide you with some peace of mind heading into a divorce.

2. Hide Money Proactively

One of the most unfortunate ends of any marriage is due to money. In some circumstances, one partner may be more in control of the finances than the other. If you fall under the latter category, you should take a more proactive role in how you access the funds. For example, be aware of how much each of you earn.

Should anything appear suspicious, don’t be afraid to bring it up to your partner. Marriage is about discussing things in an equivocal manner. If you partner is unable to do this, with respect to money, then you should take matters into your own hands. This protects you from being left in the dark in the future.

3. New Income

Now, in order to protect your financial circumstances, you’ll have to take certain measures. If your income is directly deposited into a shared bank account, you should stop this immediately. Ensure that any new income you make from a job is put into your own bank account.

This can mean that you either revert back to your old, personalized account. Or, you may even want to set up a new account entirely, so that it can’t be discovered by your partner. If your direct deposit is set up with your company, simply ask them to change the way funds are dispersed.

4. Paper Trail

Even the happiest couples may have their own, individual secrets, as it pertains to money. Joint accounts are not bound by law, when you and your partner decide to make the leap. Therefore, after setting up a secret stash for new income, you’ll want to document it accordingly.

Keeping a thorough paper trail of where your new funds are coming from is incredibly important. Divorce can be a pretty expensive affair, no matter which side you fall on.

Things may be evenly split down the middle, if you are not careful. Protecting yourself is vital, even if it may seem unprincipled.

5. Being Careful

In our modern world, documentation can be pretty easy to discover. When it comes to your sources of income, this is even more valid. It can be relatively easy for your partner to detect where money is coming in from, especially through physical records. Or, if you make consistent efforts at moving funds to different accounts, it can be counterproductive.

If you make investments, through stocks or bonds, this point is even more vital. Always be sure that you are aware of relatable penalties to investing, for example. Constantly moving around income sources may result in a tax penalty. This, when left out in the open, can be easily detectable by your partner.

6. Pre-emptive Savings

Having a safety net, whether you are in a marriage or not, is vital to a sustainable livelihood. Even before divorce becomes an option, you may want to start saving money immediately. Divorce can go in a number of ways, each of which may leave you reeling for support. Pre-emptively saving income for your own circumstances is, therefore, highly recommended.

The happiness we share with our partner during marriage can seem like a never-ending fantasy. When reality unfortunately hits, this fantasy can come to an abrupt end. Then, money matters become even more important than they already were.

Take the time to figure out how you will protect yourself from the consequences of this separation. Even if it means hiding away some earned income, you are always better safe than sorry!

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