How Much Money Should You Bring to the Mall?

Anytime we go into the mall, the intent of spending money is always there. We’ve all been in this situation where we go into the mall to get one item but come back with a shopping cart full of different things. We end up breaking our budget and spending more than we intended.

How much money should you bring to the mall? The answer varies depending on what you’re planning to buy, but the ultimate goal is to not overspend. There are ways to start practicing to reduce the amount of money you spend each time you go to the mall. These strategies will help you get what you want while staying within your budget lines.

When you’re shopping at places like the Newmarket Mall, it’s good to have a budget in mind. Let’s discuss how much money you should bring to the mall with six strategies.

Strategy #1: Shop only during sales

If you’re planning a shopping spree and intend to purchase plenty of items, then the sales period is when you should be spending your money and your time. You’ll most likely get things at their intended retail price rather than their marked-up price. Stores offer plenty of discounts, offers and bargains during a sale period. Sometimes, you can purchase two items for one price and even get plenty of gifts.

Sales are usually during significant holidays and the tail end of a season. You’ll usually see stores advertising their sales period on social media, TV ads, newspapers, and billboards. Another way to learn about sales from your favourite stores is to ask the sales assistants in the boutique. They will know when a sale is approaching or when specific items will be back on sale.

Some stores go the extra mile by holding a particular item for you until it sells. At which point, they’ll contact the customer to inform them of it.

Strategy #2: Use coupons

Many large department stores offer coupons for their products. From 10% discounts up to 20% discounts, these coupons can be found in newspapers, magazines, and flyers. These coupons may not be available for all items in the store, but it is an easy way to save money when you purchase the products at a discounted fee. This is an excellent time to buy in bulk and fully use the coupon.

If you’re shopping online, make sure to check your inbox for any online coupons to specific stores. There will always be some form of a discount from online stores to encourage customers to log in to their accounts and purchase an item.

Strategy #3: Sign up for a store’s mailing list

Newsletters are used to inform customers of new products in store, bargains and also coupons that can be used for future purchases. Sign up for their newsletter if the sales assistant doesn’t give you first-hand information on when a sale comes up.

This will provide you with information on your favourite store’s sales period, as well as clearance items and discounts for selected products. Pharmacies, grocery stores, beauty parlours and even hairdressers have mailing lists to send to their customers.

Strategy #4: Set aside a shopping budget

If you don’t have a budget or a shopping list, the chances of you going into a store and coming back with more than you wanted is very high. If you know exactly what you will buy and only limit yourself to spending a certain amount of money, you’ll likely stick to your budget.

Wandering around until you find something you like will only increase impulsive buying, thus breaking your budget. It’s often a good idea to go with a plan and an idea of the money you can spend. This way, you have the things you need without going broke.

Strategy #5: Shop at outlet stores

Outlet stores provide the same type of clothing in their regular boutiques, but they have a slight defect, or they could also be off-season items. This defect is hardly noticeable or almost non-existent.

If these defects don’t bother you, then shopping at outlet stores gives extra value for your money. Shopping at outlet stores is encouraged for expensive brands. This way, you can have stylish clothes for half the price.

Strategy #6: Shop at discount stores

Discount stores are like outlet stores. They either have a minor defect, or they are off-season. However, discount stores usually stock up on non-high-end brands. This is a perfect place to get essential clothing items such as sweaters, t-shirts, loungewear, socks and hoodies. You can wear them at home or for a grocery run. There are also discount items for kitchenware and home organization items such as containers, boxes and household utensils.

Whatever tip or strategy you follow, make sure not to go credit happy and overspend. Sticking to a budget makes the difference between a successful shopping spree and one over the limit in terms of items and budget.

The easiest way to save money is not to spend it first. But we can’t go on in life without spending money on the essentials. This is why knowing what to buy when to buy and where to buy is crucial.

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