Can Tax Services Improve Your Bottom Line?

When you think about using the professional services of chartered accountants, you may think about paying a fee to accounting firms for services rendered. There is a cost associated with hiring a professional CPA from Edison Wen to prepare your business taxes, and you may initially want to use these services minimally as needed to keep overhead in line. However, your certified professional accountant may provide you with a full range of services that ultimately could improve your bottom line. These are three top ways that tax services can financially benefit your business.

Maximize Your Tax Deductions

As a business professional, you understandably may dread learning what your total tax liability is for each year. Paying taxes is unfortunately a required cost of doing business regardless of the industry you work in, but you can decrease this expense by maximizing deductions. Your CPA can thoroughly review all of your receipts and financial documentation to identify and maximize tax deductions for your return and to properly account for these deductions in your taxes. Nobody wants to leave deductions unclaimed, and you can rest assured that you will maximize your tax deductions when you use accounting services.

Provide Tax Advice for the Future

While you may be interested in boosting your bottom line this year, it is important to think ahead about the future tax years and the impact taxes can have on your bottom line. Your certified professional accountant can assist you regularly throughout the year by providing tax advice before you make buying decisions. In addition, many may provide customized advice on changes in your operations that may yield tax savings for the future after preparing your current year’s tax return.

Decreased Likelihood of an Audit

If you have been through a tax audit in the past, you may understand firsthand how costly this process can be. You may have to contract additional accounting services to review your finances, and you may even need to hire a tax lawyer to minimize the legal impact of a tax nightmare. In addition to paying for legal and accounting fees, you may be forced to pay additional taxes as well as penalties. When your taxes are professionally prepared, triggers that can increase your risk for an audit can be avoided. While there is a cost associated with tax services for the preparation of your return, you may ultimately save money by avoiding an audit.

Some business owners only use tax services when preparing a tax return, and there is some benefit associated with this. However, the best results come from using tax services year-round for guidance and financial assistance.

Image Credit: InfinitAccounting

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