7 Cheapest Ways to Ship Oversized Packages

Shipping can be costly, especially when it is an oversize package. However, some carriers can help your organization save. These specialized carriers have several logistics solutions that reduce the cost of shipping. They take time to understand their customers’ expectations. They even ask you for your budget to find the right solution. You and your organization should look for a carrier that offers cost-effective transportation solutions with intermodal options that can keep shipping costs down. You will benefit from the savings while receiving reliable and consistent services.

To keep shipping costs down, it is also essential to take extra steps with packaging. Use simple cardboard boxes that are strong enough to carry your item. Avoid heavy protective materials. Try to use bubble wrap and other light-protective material as appropriate.

Ground transportation is always cheaper compared to air freight. You should consider the various methods of ground transportation that can help you save a lot on your shipment. Of course, shipment by sea can be least expensive, but it takes a long time for your item to reach its destination.

Did you also know that there are online applications that can help you compare rates? Use this system to find the suited price and a dependable carrier.

Here are the cheapest ways to ship oversized packages at low costs:

1. LTL Shipping (Less Than Truckload)

The LTL option can help to ship freight at a fraction of the cost. You may have an oversized package, but it may not occupy the entire truck. Regardless, you do not have to worry about paying for the full truck. The reason why the cost is low has to do with the pooled distribution system where multiple LTLs are combined to make a full truckload. LTL can ship starting from 100 up to 20,000 pounds. For this option, you only pay the space used.

2. TL Shipping (Truckload)

If you have a large shipment that is likely to occupy a full capacity trailer, then the best option is to consider a truckload shipment. Even though you are utilizing the full trailer, your costs will remain considerably low. This option ensures your items are delivered on time. Plus, with truckload, you can schedule your oversized packages at any time and deliver the items to the exact location of drop off.

3. Rail Services

It may be old-fashioned, but rail shipping can be one of the cheapest ways to ship oversized packages. With rail shipment, you can be confident that there is space on the train for your heavy sized packages. Many of the trains have over 500,000 containers offering plenty of space for oversized and bulky boxes.

This method also provides frequent transportation and is not affected by traffic jams so your organization will not miss a delivery deadline. This option is recognized to be an economical and much quicker way of transporting heavy sized packages.

4. Sea Cargo

Sea freight offers more capacity and value. You always hear that shipping by sea is cheaper than air freight. Even when it is less than a container load, your price is determined on the cubic meter. If you have a large shipment, it works cheaper to ship by sea. Your item might take time to reach its destination, but it saves you or your organization a lot of money using sea freight.

5. Intermodal

There is no comparison to intermodal transportation, which is one of the cheapest ways to ship oversized packages. This option is affordable, efficient and can keep costs very low. Intermodal shipping uses a combination of road, rail and sea transportation. It has been proven to be a cheap and quick alternative to single mode shipment. Shippers today find this option reliable despite the low costs offered. When you are ready to ship your oversized package, ensure to find a carrier who can provide intermodal services within your budget.

6. Logistics Company

If shipping freight is a regular business, then it is crucial to find a logistics company that can help keep the costs down for all your oversized packages. Dealing with big and oversize packages can be cumbersome, complicated and expensive as you or your organization can overpay for procedures.

A logistics company can coordinate all the shipment requirements, including insure the items and pay for the bill of lading. They are experts in determining whether your company is using space efficiently. The logistics company takes care of every step and guarantees your package reaches its destination on time and within budget.

7. Supply Chain Outsourcing

By outsourcing the supply chain of your oversize packages, you can benefit from volume discounts and faster service that is not available in-house. The supply chain process is streamlined, and the outsourcing company can find a suited space to meet the organization’s needs. They will be able to customize your organization’s supply chain solution that is unique to your organization, offering considerable cost savings. They will provide warehouse and distribution that can cut costs compared to dealing with multiple vendors.

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