6 Best Retirement Hobbies That Make Money

When many people retire, they are often planning to relax and do nothing. After many decades of working, it might seem like you have earned the right to do what you love all day. In reality, for most of us, a little extra cash can go a long way when we’re retired. This extra money can come in handy when you want to go on a trip, or even to spoil those grandkids on their birthday.

Many retirees don’t want to work, but rather enjoy their hobbies. If you are able to marry the two concepts, then you’ll be onto a winner. If you are able to take your hobby and monetize it, you will be able to enjoy your retirement and make some additional money at the same time. This might seem like an outlandish idea, but many retirees have made it work for them and used their retirement hobbies to make money.

The following are some of the best retirement hobbies to make money in your golden years:

1. Sell your old stuff

As a retiree, you will probably have a lot of books, CDs, records, and other nik naks lying around in your home or in storage. Now is the time to get rid of everything that you can so that you do not have a lot of things to move when you decide to downsize or move to a retirement community.

Selling your things online can be done very easily, and this is one of the best retirement hobbies to make money. You will be able to clean out your house and make a lot of money as you go. This can be a really exciting way of making money. Especially on a site like eBay where people have to bid on what you’re selling.

You can sell absolutely anything online. If you are unsure of where to start you should feel free to ask your grandson or other relative to help you out. This can be a really fun way to get your self up to speed when it comes to technology and also bond with the younger generation.

2. Start an online business

With websites like Etsy, everyone can start to sell their homemade goods. Everything from bracelets to scarves can be bought online and people love to get something that is unique and made with love. If you are a very crafty person, this could one of the easiest retirement hobbies to make money online. If you like knitting or drawing you might find a second career.

With the right attitude, you may find that this blossoms into a real money maker and will have you wondering why you didn’t start doing this much sooner.

3. An old fashioned yard sale

If you don’t want to sell online, then there is nothing stopping you from selling your possessions at an old fashioned yard sale. This can help you to clean out old things from your house and also make a fair bit of money from half a days work. There is nothing stopping you from putting a few homemade items out as well. Anything that you don’t sell, you can donate. This can go a long way to helping de-clutter your home.

4. Pass on your experience

You will have no doubt led a full life with many twists and turns. You would be amazed at how many people are out there looking for tutors and teachers about certain subjects. If you have a knack for mathematics, science, languages, or really any academic subject you could make money as a tutor quite easily. You can meet at a local library, coffee shop or even in their home.

If you have the skills and knowledge to help out a student that is struggling, or even someone who is looking to improve themselves. This can be a very rewarding use of your time and a great way to keep your mind active.

If you are unsure of how to best go about getting started you can look online to find students who are looking for a little extra help with their studies. There really is no better feeling than helping someone to achieve a higher grade, or master a subject they used to find intimidating.

5. Writing

Writing is one of the more relaxing retirement hobbies to make money, even if you may not be able to make a lot of money at once. If you have a knack for writing you should look into freelance writing jobs. There are a lot of them available online and they can be very lucrative. You could write anything from blogs, news articles, press releases, or anything.

6. Party planning

Planning events is big business and takes a special skill set to do well. If you are always the person that your friends are looking to when you want to plan an event, then maybe now is the time to look into doing this professionally. All you need is a website, a snazzy name and a way to get your name out there.

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